Thursday, August 6, 2009

Casey Conrad Visits Anytime Fitness in Indiana

This is a very interesting blog posting. Imagine your club is in an agricultural town of 6,000 population. your club is 6,000 square feet and you have 1,200 members! Now imagine that 300 of them--or 25% are using personal training. But not just enrolled in PT but enrolled on 12 month EFT contracts. You read that right. This is a very, very interesting model/insight. Actually, I think this is worth the entire trip from a "Wow" factor. What makes it more interesting is that it is a very similar model to the one I saw at Urban Active in Ohio. Both are posting incredible numbers--numbers like I've never seen before. When I saw what this small facility was doing it really hit home. You know, it's one thing to think, "yea, a big club with thousands of members should be doing that kind of PT revenue," but when such a small club, in a median income town of about 32k posts these kinds of results it is impressive. It is CULTURAL.

Sadly, I cannot post the blog video tonight b/c I am in a remote place and the ocnnection is so weak that it keeps kicking me off. So, you'll have to wait till tomorrow but I bet I've got your attention now!