Monday, August 31, 2009

Casey Conrad visits Miramont Lifestyle Fitness in Fort Collins, CO

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness has three locations in Fort Collins, Colorado; Central, South and North. Cliff Buchholz, a long time club operator has done a spectacular job of making these three locations destinations. He is also doing some pretty amazing things with his programming, which I've blogged a bit about over the past few months. Check out all these program (short term)options--all for around $149.

* Quickstart (learn to exercise)
* Wellness Coaching (life guidance)
* Healthy Back
* Healthy Lifestyle (Weight Management)
* Take Conrol (diabetes program)

Of course, they also have individual and group personal training. This approach allows them to attract people that aren't yet ready to commit to a memberships AND allows them to approach corporate accounts with measurable and cost effective options.

Because of multiple locations and footage, there are two videos on this post.

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