Thursday, June 25, 2009

Casey Conrad answers health club operators' questions about Program Marketing

After yesterdays post and video discussing Program Marketing I got some e-mails back asking me a couple of questions.

First, what length of time should a program be?

Of course, there is no absolute answer but it is best to keeep it somewhere between 4-12 weeks. That will depend upon the program. For example, if you are going to offer an introduction to fitness program, that includes structured time with a trainer either individually or in a group, I'd lean to 4 & 6 week options. If, on the other hand, you are talking about a weight loss program, you are better off with something between 8 & 12 weeks to improve the weight loss result.

Remember, here, although these programs can certainly be sold to members what we are trying to do is create short-term programs that appeal to people who aren't coming into the club right now because they are either intimidated or don't want to deal with the "signing up" for a membership. We are lowering the barrier!

Second, what should the pricing model be?

Again, there is no absolute, but if you follow the reasoning that Program Marketing allows you to attract people who wouldn't otherwise join the club, it is best to try and keep the price down as low as you can--within reason--where the customer recognizes that you are offering good value for money AND you are transparent with them as to why you are doing it; i.e. that you want to earn their trust.

That said, if you can keep a program between $49 and $249 you will attract more people.

Keep the questions coming. In good health. Casey

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