Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Casey Conrad talks about Program Marketing for Health Clubs

Most health clubs I talk to these days all are facing the same issues:
1. How to get more tours to walk through the doors.
2. How to increase the % of tours to people who join.
3. How to find new, creative ways in marketing that reach more prospects.

Program marketing helps with all three of these goals. Program Marketing refers to the creating of specific, short-term, niche programs that make it easy for a never before member of a club to have a positive experience with the club. Ultimately, the goal is to give them a great experience, earn their trust and eventually have them become a member.

Many club operators are fearful of offering programs because they don't bring in the net profit or addition to the EFT that a regular membership does. This is short-sighted. Someone who is ready to join and knows what they are doing with exercise won't buy a program--they'll buy a membership. It is those that are reluctant to join that will gravitate towards a program.

The sky is the limit; introduction to fitness, group exercise, weight loss, low back pain relief, yoga . . . any type of entry level program that can deliver an outcome will work with Program Marketing. Check out the video below to see how one club is using this strategy to drive more tours and sales.

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