Friday, June 12, 2009

Casey Conrad provides training in Sao Paulo Brasil

This past weekend I was in Sao Paulo, Brasil to give a 2-day for 150+ health club operators from throughout the entire country. Marcos Tadeu, founder of Fitness Management School, Brasil, was the host. We spent the entire second day on how to successfully market. Anytime I do an entire day of training on marketing I ask the audience several "self-assessment" questions:

* Do you have a 12-month marketing plan that details out the specific
promotions by month, the campaign titles, the deadlines, etc?

* Does your marketing plan include specific activities in each of the 5 pillars;
External, Internal, Guerrilla, Corporate and Community efforts?

* Are you incorporating eMarketing strategies into each and every promotional and
advertising effort you do? Specifically, are you trying to turn every marketing
effort into a capture mechanism that will obtain the names and e-mails of

* Are you using Program Marketing as a way to reach more prospects and lower the
barrier to entry, helping us bring a new untapped market share into the club?

These are just a few of the "big picture" questions to ask yourself. Remember the
"6-P" philosophy; "Proper prior planning prevents poor performance!"

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