Friday, June 26, 2009

Casey Conrad gives more insight into Program Marketing for Health Clubs

Are your beliefs about how health club memberships should be marketed and sold preventing you from being more successful?

I ask this of you because of a conversation I had yesterday with a long-time health club operator. Here was his situation; he’s been in the industry for over 20 years; he owns two locations; business isn’t so good right now; he called to inquire about having me do some sales training with his staff.

When someone tells me they want sales training the first thing I do is ask them about their marketing and specifically do a comparison of their number of tours year to date and by month compared to the last two years. It was obvious from the numbers that, although on-going sales training is important, his problem wasn’t necessarily sales skills, it’s a numbers problem. He doesn’t have enough traffic walking through the doors.

I spent some time discussing with him strategies and tactics to attract more traffic but he kept fighting me on it, constantly saying things like, “But we want to accomplish this,” or “But we tried something like that once and it didn’t work.”
Reality check: Today’s market is different than anything this industry has ever seen. What may have worked two years ago won’t necessarily work today; what didn’t work two years ago might just work today.

Listen to my audio where I briefly discuss the strategy and some tactics for driving more prospects through your doors. Copy and paste the link below into your browswer and you can listen to the audio:

Keep on marketing! Casey

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