Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Casey Conrad discusses how club operators should "always being marketing"

I was on a conference call with a colleague today. He's not in the club business but is in the "health and fitness" sector. He told me that last week he was flying home from giving a seminar (that hadn't been as profitable as he hoped)and he began casually conversing with a guy next to him. By the end of the flight he had sold the guy on an extremely profitable training program. Morale of the story is that in business you should always "be on," always "be marketing" because you never know when an opportunity will present itself.

When speaking at local seminars and conventions I often discuss being a "brand champion," and remark at how few of the attendees wear a company shirt to such events. The response (excuse) I usually get is "I'm not working today and am sick of wearing the club shirt."

My reply to that is lost opportunity because, as this story shows, you NEVER know when you are going to meet someone, somewhere that will lead to future business.

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